September 25

Precious Stones And Their Tales From The Past

Precious stones like gems have always been used for reasons other than simply embellishment. They are thought of as stones with various surreal properties attached to them and that have the potential of having various positive effects on the wearer. Perhaps, these all stem from the legends that have been linked to them since ancient time. Here are some of the interesting lore around precious stones that you would see in the market today.


This precious stone shines and is very bright and has a story that says, that it was gifted from the sun. During the bygone eras, Citrine was also used as protection against snake venom and evil or negative thoughts. Today, the stone is also known as a merchant’s stone and is often associated closely with success and prosperity. The name itself which is French for lemon is very well in line with the colour range of this stone which can go from lemon yellow to a bright and radiant orange mixed brown. Today a lot of people use it to highlight a classic diamond ring or other main stone. The most preferred shades are a clear yellow or brownish red in colour. While this stone is certainly beautiful, it is also one of the more affordable ones, as it is available in abundance and also in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The gem is often rather large in size, which makes it very suitable for statement accessories.


This beautiful green coloured stone is one that is reminiscent of the spring due to its verdant shade. Therefore, since the times of the old, it has been closely associated with love and rebirth. Because it was also the gem of the goddess Venus, it was also said to have properties that would increase fertility. One iconic figure that is known for wearing emeralds is Cleopatra the fiery monarch of ancient Egypt. The majority of Egyptian mummies were buried with an emerald carved with the symbol of verdure, which means ‘flourishing greenness’ on their neck region that was supposed to symbolize eternal youth. It is a great stone to be used in bespoke wedding rings today. They are among some of the rarest and most expensive stones today.


Garnets are found in a whole plethora of shades and vary from a deep and dark red Bohemian Garnet to a vivacious green of the Russian Demantoid or the African Tsavorite. There are also orange and brown versions of this versatile stone. The legend speaks of garnets as sort of warriors who have the capability of driving away darkness and protecting the wearer from nightmares. Travelers going far away from home would carry a garnet for protection from accidents.

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