August 24

Guide To Choosing A Monument

Choosing a monument for a loved one is an important decision. There are certain things you need to consider before you make a choice. Generally, it is advised to erect a gravestone six months after the burial so that the ground can settle. This way, the stone will stand erect without leaning to a side.

There are certain rules and regulations that you need to know about when it comes to where the memorial will be located. The regulations will differ from a churchyard and a cemetery. The monument has to be approved by the related authorities before you start work. If you’re considering placing the monument in a public cemetery, you have to be aware of the basic regulations that apply to it. Some material such as polished granite and marble may not be allowed. Also, some designs such as book and statuary designs will not be allowed in the cemetery. So you have to ask the stonemasonry company that you choose about which areas that they specialise in and how they will design according to regulations. There are different stonemasonry companies that offer a range of services.  

Some of the services offered will be church restoration Melbourne, renovations, headstones, monuments, feature stone work etc. Another thing to decide is the wording that is on the monument. You have to think carefully about this and it has to be something personal and relevant. You can ask for advice from the company as well and they will be able to show you some examples. If the monument is to be in a churchyard, it is best to have a simple inscription. There are no set rules for choosing an inscription otherwise. You can discuss it with relatives and close friends so that you can come up with something that is appropriate for the situation. It is not just words that could be inscribed on the monument; you can also have a certain design or emblem on it. Then there are other design choices such as the lettering style on the monument. You can discuss these options further with the stonemasonry company and get their take on what is simple and classic. There are different types of stone that you can choose for the monument. You have to think about aesthetic as well as the weather in area where the grave is located. For example, if it is in a wooded area, marble may not be a good choice of material as it may stain. The type of lettering may also be affected when you’re choosing the stone type. Some of the stone types that are available for monuments are black granite, light or dark grey granite, red granite, Portland stone, white marble, grey or green slate.

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