February 2

The Importance Of An Apprenticeship

What history has taught us?

In the by gone years, young people used to learn a trade by working with an older and more experiences individual in the chosen field. These apprentices were sent off to work with their seniors, where they learnt the tricks of the trade and moulded themselves based on their superiors. They watched how the work was done, how the senior would interact with the clients and customers and would gradually learn to make the required products or carry out trade under the careful eagle-eyed supervision of their superiors. Apprentices were often not paid any wages until they finished their period of apprenticeship. The experience, knowledge and skills they acquire under the guidance of the senior was considered valuable consideration for the work the apprentice did.

Acquire the necessary experience and exposure

In today’s day and age, we often think of rushing straight from university into a job. Hence, we might not obtain the required training and might find ourselves ill-equipped to face the rigors of the world of work. Therefore, the practice of undergoing a period of apprenticeship or internship should be encouraged today too. If you are a young medical student, you would do well to put in hours working as an intern in a hospital. If you are a young law graduate, you can work with a criminal, civil, constitutional or make your initial appointment with traffic lawyers at Liverpool depending on your interest. For example, if you are inclines towards human rights you can work with a solicitor who engages in such matters.

If you are interested in criminal law, you can work with a drink driving lawyers at Fairfield. If you have completed your education in the field of accounting you can work at an audit firm and gain valuable experience.

Prepare yourself for the job market

By working with someone who is more experienced in the trade, you can learn how to be more efficient and effectual in your chosen field of work. As you observe different cases and situations, you will gather valuable knowledge on how you should handle and deal with various different situations. You will gain much by the experience and the exposure that you receive by working with someone who is more experienced and knowledgeable.

Further, if you have any doubts or queries you can have them cleared out and make sure that you do not make terrible mistakes. Even if you do make mistakes, your seniors will be able to teach you how to handle those situations in a professional manner. Therefore, remember that in order to succeed book learning alone is inadequate. You need the practical experience and exposure as well. Therefore, it is always advisable to sign up for an apprenticeship or an internship before you venture out on your own into the world of work.

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