January 25

Puffing In Style

Tobacco addiction is hard to quit and we also know that it is not a good habit. Tobacco is injurious to health, so quitting tobacco habit is must.

There are other ways to quit this habit. Some people try to quit this bad habit by using chewing gums or by following some other ways. We have seen that none of them are so successful. There is a saying; once a tobacco user, always a tobacco user. But now you do not have to quit smoking, you can quit tobacco easily by using electronic hookah sticks, a newly developed formula of quitting tobacco.

What are electronic hookah sticks? These are battery operated hookahs which produce smoke vapor as an alternative of real smoke. You can get the taste of nicotine devoid of the nasty tar. The sticks contain conventional hookah tastes to satisfy your desire of using tobacco. The best thing is that these sticks do not contain any kind of tobacco. You get only vapor and flavor together with the nicotine.

As it is not a tobacco product so the sticks are tar free. Tar is injurious to health and the hookah sticks do not contain any kind of tars. The sticks are battery operated so they are re-chargeable and the duration of charges are longer, as puffing does not require much energy. The sticks could be re-filled and could be easily re-charged. You can re-fill the sticks as per your choice of flavors. These hookahs are available in practically all hookah shops. There are disposable sticks available in the market too, so once you have used them you can throw them off. You do not need to clean them as there is no tobacco product involved, check this quality Hong Kong e-cigarettes.

In real tobacco hookahs you need to light these with coals. On the other hand, these are electronic and they are battery operated. The size of the sticks is similar to the size of a normal cigarette, so you can just carry them in your pocket. There is no restriction in smoking them anywhere as these are not tobacco products. You can smoke in a movie theatre or even in a shop or restaurant. You are not violating the law so need not worry what people say.

If you love your health and do not want health hazards, then just give up smoking. It is hard to dump this bad habit, but now since you have alternatives then why not use them. At least you will be safe from many health hazards. Try these safe electronic sticks at least you will be mentally satisfied that you are smoking, though you are not actually. Remember, you health comes first than anything. Health is wealth and it should be preserved.

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