October 23

Benefits Of Outdoor Playing Areas For Children

Playing outside has some significant benefits for a child’s mental and physical wellbeing. These days most children are part of the digital age and are constantly on mobile or gaming devices for entertainment and learning. While being tech savvy at a young age is a good thing – a child also needs to get outside and take part in outdoor activities. This can even include spending time at outdoor recreational areas or simple hiking trips in the woods. This is why well situated and equipped play areas are an important part of any pre-school.

Children Become More Physically Active

Interacting with nature and being outside is great for the mind even if it’s for just half an hour. Playgrounds are equipped with swings, slides, sandboxes and other features that would be very interesting for children. Additionally, running around and playing games can help them channel that excessive energy into more positive activities – and they will feel more energetic and happier too. Going outside and playing in the sunshine is a great way to get vitamin D too.

A Boost In Mental Wellbeing

It has been scientifically proven that nature is great for anyone’s mental wellbeing and the same goes for young children too. While getting entertained or learning from new apps or games is fun too, getting them outside will encourage an interest in their surroundings too. Playing also helps boost their mental activity. This is just one of the many benefits a school or recreational area would have with outdoor playground installation.

Helps With Developing Social Skills And Learning New Things

Children will learn a lot from interacting with others while playing in the sand box. They will learn how to share, find different ways to have fun or even new things about their surroundings. Climbing or swinging from a playground structure Sydney and interacting with other children will help improve their social skills as well. Learning how to make friends and sharing are valuable things to learn. They will also gain knowledge on how to act independently with minimal adult supervision, and figure out how to react when interacting with others.

Encourages Different Interests

Learning new things about nature or even new skills while playing can be discovered on the playground – and taking an active interest in nature is a good thing for a child. Exploring a play area can also help them discover new hobbies such as collecting bugs or starting a pressed flower or leaf collection. This is also a great chance for parents to have special times with their children as well.

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